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Robin Adair Aston

Aston Consultation, Inc.

Life Coach


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36 Division Street, Bangor ME 04401

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Healthcare, Therapy/Counseling, Consulting


Dr. Robin Aston is a national expert in Eating Disorders & Compulsive Behaviors. She also works as a Certified Family Mediator, and Life Coach. After a thriving private practice in "talk therapy" for 40+ years, Dr. Aston is now exclusively offering hypnosis as her primary form of treatment due to the proven overwhelming effectiveness of this method. Taking far less time than “talk therapy”, hypnosis covers a vast range of problems both physical and psychological and can often eliminate or cure a presenting issue in just a few sessions. Hypnosis is effective for: Anxiety, Depression, Sleep disorders, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Phobias, Pain management, Weight loss, Past-life regression, Smoking cessation, Relationship issues, And a variety of other areas.

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Men, women, children (12 or older), and couples who are open and receptive to change.

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