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Rebecca G. Gibson

Habits of Health and Wellness w/ Rebecca



Business Address:

77 Bouchard Drive, Orrington Maine

Phone Number:



Special Offer!

Free health assessment, possibly health and wellness credit for interested clients who make referrals.

Healthcare, Consulting, Professional Training and Development


I own a national health and wellness coaching business. Helping other to change the trajectory of their health. Changing habits one small habit at a time, resulting in amazing transformations, starting with weight loss, leading to lifelong transformation of body and mind. Supporting clients to understand chronic conditions and the effects of diet and lifestyle on healing your body and mind.

About your business

My Ideal client would be someone looking to create health. My client would be interested in losing weight OR gaining weight. My ideal client would be looking for personalized attention from an actual person. Clients looking to reduce brain fog, inflammation, and hormonal challenges are great clients for program. Anyone looking for sustained lifestyle change, and progression to optimal health.

Who is your ideal client?

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