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Erin Smith

WS Emerson Co.

Corporate Sales


Business Address:

15 Acme Rd., Brewer, Maine

Phone Number:



Special Offer!

Marketing, Other Industries


Specialize in providing branded apparel and customized products, creating quality items people are proud to wear and use.


Whether you’re purchasing uniforms for a college sports team, buying employee gifts for your startup, or putting together merch and signage for a corporate booth at a major trade show, W. S. Emerson has the solution.



About your business

Businesses looking to improve or simply provide branded products for their employees. Univesities/ Schools, Municipalities, Healthcare, Social Organizations, Campgrounds/Tourism, Companies that require Hi-Viz or Flame Resistant clothing. We aslo specialize in helping get folks ready for Special Events.


One of my favorites too...are the families and friends simply going on vacation or a staycation and want to create a memorable experince to share. If you want to brand something, we can definitely help. :)

Who is your ideal client?

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