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Ciel McGouldrick

HR Professional

Human Resource Coordinator


Business Address:

186 Washington Street

Phone Number:


Special Offer!

Human Resources, Steering Committee Members


As an experienced HR Professional and Field Recruiter, I bring a unique blend of skills and expertise that enable me to provide comprehensive HR solutions to clients. With deep knowledge of talent acquisition, HRIS platforms such as UKG, and the ability to streamline processes through automation, I am equipped to deliver top-notch recruitment services that meet the needs of organizations. In addition to my HR skills, I also possess a strong background in branding, marketing, and public relations. This allows me to offer clients a holistic approach to HR, where I can not only attract and recruit top talent but also help them build a strong employer brand and effectively communicate their value proposition to both internal and external stakeholders. Furthermore, my experience in event planning and project management adds another dimension to the services I can provide. I excel in organizing and executing various corporate events, from employee engagement initiatives to large-scale conferences and workshops. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for seamless coordination, I ensure that events are executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Overall, as a HR Professional Contractor, I offer a comprehensive range of services that encompass talent acquisition, HR technology implementation, branding and marketing, public relations, and event planning. With my diverse skill set and passion for delivering exceptional results, I am dedicated to helping organizations achieve their HR goals and drive overall business success.

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Ideally looking for individuals wanting to invest in their professional growth and are wanting to add to their toolbox with a concentration on emotional intelligence.

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