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Cathy Dunfee

Park Lane Jewelry

Jewelry Stylist


Business Address:

21 Pinewood Dr, Corinth, ME, 04427

Phone Number:


Special Offer!

I offer an extra $100 in hostess rewards to the already generous rewards to host a Facebook party where I do a jewelry show!

Marketing, Steering Committee Members


After retiring from nursing in Feb of 2022 I wanted to do something that would be less stressful, keep me busy, plus earn some extra money. I found that with selling Park Lane Jewelry! I love giving women joy and it does just that with them wearing this quality jewelry! I was impressed with the 67 year old family run business because longevity speaks volumes to me in business. They have an unconditional guarantee and an amazing every day sale so it makes it affordable for women. Many pieces are designer inspired with exceptional quality.

About your business

Anyone that loves jewelry and would enjoy a fun experience of gathering friends together on Facebook to show them beautiful jewelry or even in person. Also, someone that would like to earn a great income from home with the simple business with has amazing perks of weekly pay, lots of free jewelry and international travel opportunities!

Who is your ideal client?

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