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Allison Kinnear

Allison Kinnear

Time & Location

04/02/2024 11:30 AM


04/02/2024 1:00 PM

Blue sky lounge 357 Odlin Rd. Bangor, Me.

About The Event

For over 25 years, Allison has studied and developed tools that improve

communication, build confidence, overcome Impostor Syndrome, and

create healthy relationships at work and at home. Her mission is to inspire

people to become confident leaders who lead with integrity, authenticity,

and courage in their personal and professional lives.

Allison honed her leadership and management skills while working at

Humboldt State University, the US Army in Europe, and Google. She

frequently gives talks on managing stress, overcoming Impostor

Syndrome, and vulnerability-based leadership. Additionally, she has

facilitated workshops at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Edward Jones, Dell,

and more.

Allison has a Master’s degree in Human Development and is a former

instructor at Seattle Life Coach Training.

Contact Allison @

Join us at Blue Sky Lounge 357 Odlin Rd Bangor, Me

Or by zoom : Login 856 4927 4020 Passcode 801503
Passcode 801503

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