Nicole Ouellette 


Company:  Anchorspace

Position: Owner/Founder


Phone:  (207)613-5344


Mission Statement: 


The Anchorspace community values a safe, accessible, productive, professional and fun work environment supporting a variety of year round individuals and businesses.

Safe: Keypad locks with regularly changing passwords, cameras, and other features so users of the space will feel safe and secure. We also screen unknown monthly renters and otherwise develop rules that keep people’s well being in mind.

Accessible: Monthly renters will have 24-7 access to the space but we are also open to the community. We want to be the kind of place where events can be held: lunch and learns, workshops, etc. for small groups who need to connect. While primarily a membership based space, we welcome others too.

Productive: Most everyone comments on how quiet Anchorspace is. With the fastest internet we can get, we value being around others who are motivated by purposeful work. Members also exchange ideas about productivity regularly (ex: discussing time tracking software). We’ve also have been getting rave reviews about the stand-sit desks and our comfy chairs!

Professional: If you have a meeting with a client in Anchorspace, we want a professional impression for your visitor. We want you to offer you a clean, professional, modern environment where you can offer your guest a coffee and welcome them to a well appointed and private conference room for your meeting. We want people’s impressions of the space to be ‘wow’ so peoples’ impressions of those working here can also be ‘wow’.

Fun: From spontaneous beers on Friday nights to starting community events, we want Anchorspace to let our members have fun too. We have coffee and tea, sometimes bring in snacks, and are basically like a fun office without the obligatory awkward potlucks.

Year round: We have made the personal and financial commitment to remain open year round. Our day users just need to make a reservation ahead but we are there when you need us, opening as early as 6 AM and staying as late as 11 PM.