Michelle Lakeman

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Company:  TrūAura Beauty

Position: (207) 907-9796

Email:  beautywithconfidencebymichelle@gmail.com

Phone:  (207)

Website:  https://truaurabeauty.com/beautywithconfidencebymichelle

🌟TrūAura Launch Date Is Only 1 Week Away!!!

💋I am beyond excited and honored to be a Founding Consultant with our New Company TrūAura Beauty which is scheduled to launch February 19th !!!

🌈 Our mission this year is all about better skin
Our focus is all about the microbiome and helping nourish your skin with prebiotics, probiotics, and other beneficial minerals and vitamins.
In simple words, (Health Food For Your Skin)

🤗To be one of the first to try our products drop your favorite emoji below! 👇🏼
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😀To become a founding consultant please message me!
This is a chance of a lifetime!!
This company is over the top catering to busy people like us, offering a tech suite like none other!!! You will be able to work your business face to face, social media and from your online store!! Every thing that busy ladies & gentlemen need to be successful!!

☑️ Check out my web page. Please contact me with ANY questions!!

❤️❤️Thanks for your support...My family & I appreciate you more than you know!!!!