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Shawna Oliver RN/NBC-HWC

Lean into Fear Coaching



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Bangor, Maine

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Coaching, Healthcare, Professional Training and Development, Consulting


Shawna Oliver is a Registered Nurse as well as a Board-Certified Well-being Coach whose quirky perspective derives from a combination of positive psychology, behavioral change theory, and brain science. In her coaching practice, as well as in her amazon best seller "The Makings of a Powerful Bitch", she manages to engage, captivate, and enlighten women along the path to making changes and finding peace and purpose.

She has been published in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine and has contributed writings for an anthology dedicated to fundraising for COVID relief. She has been featured in local news in multiple media formats and has been the speaker for a variety of corporate and women’s leadership forums.

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Women who struggle with initiating and sustaining habit changes who appreciate working with someone who coaches from a position of both expertise AND a sense of humor.


Companies seeking behavior change speaker for staff development.

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