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Christen Gordon, PT, DPT, GCS

Downtown Homesteader - Downtown Bangor Holding Co - Atlantic Wellness & Exercise

Founder, CEO


Business Address:

16 State St Bangor, ME

Phone Number:

(207) 266-2446

Special Offer!

For active Tuesday Forum members I offer:


From Downtown Homesteader: Buy one workshop ticket, get one free. It's always more fun to play and learn with a friend!


From Downtown Bangor Holding Company: One month complimentary rent (with a 12+ month lease) to help you get settled in.


From Atlantic Wellness & Exercise: Free 30min home safety or strength & stability consultation for an elder you care about.





Counsulting, Healthcare, Real Estate, Senior Living


In short, Christen is:

- a creative and enterprising person who loves to learn skills and teach them to others

- a commercial property owner with lovingly renovated historic spaces for lease in Downtown Bangor

- a PT with nearly 2 decades' experience, a varied background, and board certification in geriatric care

- a private elder wellness and exercise provider


This has resulted in her birthing 3 very different businesses...


Downtown Homesteader: Teaching practical skills and encouraging creativity to cultivate a more joyful, self-sufficient life no matter where you live. In this way, we aim to build a more resilient, secure, and capable community – now and into the future. Our workshops are hands-on, entertaining and an all-around enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. From baking bread, canning soup, foraging and sewing, to household repairs, brewing beer, wine and kombucha, we instill capability and confidence while having a great time. Come join us!! and @downtownhomesteader on Facebook and everyewhere else! We have a nice video with more about us at


Downtown Bangor Holding Company: Building a small community within the Downtown Bangor Space that serves to enhance the well-being of members of Downtown and the greater Bangor region. We currently (as of 01/19/2024) have an office sharing option, and one private space for lease with high ceilings, huge windows, a beautiful view of the Kenduskeag Stream and solid positive energy. I would love to bring in a practitioner (or small group of practitioners) of healing or movement arts to support the other work being done here. We currently house a Yoga studio and Center for Mind/Body Movement, and a mental health counselor who practices with an emphasis on the mind-body connection. We'd love to add a practice


Atlantic Wellness & Exercise: Providing consistent, comprehensive and informed care to older adults via in-person or virtual visits and consultations for safety, mobility, strengthening, balance, and pain management.

About your business

For Downtown Homesteader: anyone interested in and capable of learning practical, hands-on skills.


For Downtown Bangor Holding Company: A practitioner of healing or movement arts to join a Downtown Bangor community of positive, supportive colleagues with strong cross-referral potential.


For Atlantic Wellness and Exercise: elders requiring additional supports to live their safest, strongest, most independent lives.

Who is your ideal client?

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