Edee Howland

Edee Howland.jpeg

Company:  Healing Resources of Maine

Position: Practitioner  in Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition Education

Email:  isalndedee@gmail.com

Phone:  (207)266-3176

Website:  www.garden-of-edee.com

Mission Statement:  I began studying Classical homeopathy in 1989 and began my professional practice in 1995  Homeopathy treats minor illnesses, such as colds and flu, injuries, as well as serious and chronic health challenges. Animals respond just as well as humans to homeopathic care, and I’m glad to provide consultation for their care, too.  I’ve written two books, The Cancer Dancer, which I’ve been publishing since 2003, and Natural Cures for Colds.  The Cancer Dancer is an introductory book showing holistic ways of dealing with cancer, including optimal nutrition, reducing toxin exposure, beneficial body work, stress reduction, and energy healing.

I love animals and find them fascinating, and have worked for many years with interspecies communication.  Since 1980, I’ve swum with wild dolphins and whales in many parts of the world.  From1994 through 2016, I’ve helped to lead trips for people to swim with the wild spinner dolphins in Hawaii.

I also work with nutrition education, as a distributor for the whole food supplement Juice Plus.  My website is www.garden-of-edee.com.  Juice Plus is fruits and vegetables in capsule and chewable form, with a plant-based protein powder for making smoothies, as well.  It’s meant to “bridge the gap” -- most of us don’t eat the recommended 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  Another product of this forward-thinking company is the vertical aeroponic gardening system, the Tower Garden.    My website for these is www.towergarden-of-edee.com.

Organizations/Affiliations: The Bangor Area Chamber of Commerce; The Maine Association of Homeopaths, www.homeopathyinmaine.com (My biographical information is there); board member, New England Homeopathic Academy (this has a FB page); Associate Member, North American Society of Homeopaths; founding board member, The Community Health Alliance, in Blue Hill, Maine, www.chacenter.org; past board member (five years), The Blue Hill Food Co-op.